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Ok guys so I'm going to continue to type up the story Hackivist. I just need some ideas and I may include your character as well.

Rules (because everyone loves rules)

1. I will not ship Logan with anyone (except with Rocky, RockyFiveTheHEdgehog's OC, since they are married to her and has a baby with her.)

2. It's up to you if you want to be the bad guy or the good guy. Note that what ever you decide, it goes into Logan's bio as his rivals/enemies.

3. Powers are allowed. However, if you make your character unable to be beaten, then it ruins the RP.

4. Logan is 27 years old. He has 5 years living in the city. He has access to everything a s long as it is in the city. It doesn't matter what tech you have, if it's in the city, Logan can hack it no matter what. He doesn't have to physically touch it. But if it is within 30m from where he is, then yes it's hackable. Nothing can stop him at this point, unless if your character is a hacker himself. Be careful though. If you hack him, he can track you down. And he will kill you.

That's pretty much it. If it's good, I may include your character in the story. So who is ready?
So I thought of an RP so why not just post it.

The world you once knew is now gone, most of your friends are either gone or dead. It's just you and your other 3 Friends/Family. Everything seems at first as off you guys were the only people left on earth. Then you start to see corpses slowly getting up and walking around. You believe it was just a dream, but you are wrong. This was only the beginning.

So the only rules are

1. No powers aloud in this RP. Survival is based on fighting/survival skills and ability to work with people.

2. No future tech. This is modern time. Phones might work for some things but power will soon stop working. (But that can change) But the closest think to actual tech would be a radio. (You must find it in a building somewhere)

3. I pick two characters (Logan the Hedgehog and Jason the Hedgecat *Logan's nephew*) you guys pick the other two.

4. We both get an even amount of control in the story. So if something happens, I should be able to do something as well as you guys.

5. Nobody is invincible. If you get attacked by a lot of zombies, make sure you call for help from your team. Otherwise your character becomes food.

Note guys: I don't truly care what happens in the RP. We could ship characters, but it would not be a real ship. Do not consider this RP to do a real ship.  My characters could die and you would be left alone. I may introduce new characters or even bring some characters into it. It can change.

So for this story, Logan and Jason are single and younger. So Logan would be 25 and Jason would be 14. They both know how to handle themselves since they are a team. But they would like to use the help from others.
So the real me and Logan are completely 2 different

My story:
When I was born I had a great family. I could see my cousins all the time and play with them. I had a mom and dad who loved each other very much. I had a brother who I loved to play with. I had friends that were my neighbors. I was very happy. I even dreamed that one day I would grow up and have my own family, seeing my parents together just like my grandparents and everyone was happy. As time went by, we moved a lot and I lost a lot of friends from that. I bet they don't even remember me by now. It wasn't so bad since we just started over again. Then my parents had another baby, my youngest brother. My dad had a lot of money and bought a house for us to stay together. Everything was great for about a year. Then everything went down hill. My dad started to become mean and more strict to my mother at least. He took away the money so she could buy food, he took away the car. Practically everything from her. My middle brother started to notice and hate my dad. He caused problems which led to uneccassary violence. My mom then got devorced and we moved away. We visit my dad every weakend. My brother lashes out at me and my family while he treats his friends so much nicer. He even said to me once that he hates me and would not care if I disappeared. I dont know what happened that broke our family. I miss the times where we were together all the time doing fun things. I miss my brother so much. I miss everything. And their is nothing I can do to bring it back. That all happens only one year ago.

Logan's story is so much different:
Logan was born from parents who were criminals and thugs. They didn't like him and abused him for the simplest of things. It went on for nine years until he ran away with his older brother Raiden. They continued going to school with the help of a girl named Lucy. They seemed happy for a while, but Logan felt Lonely. He still needed something very important. He needed love in his life. When Raiden left, Logan felt like he should do the same. He went out on his own to see what he could do in his life. He saw how everyone was on their phones all the time and became interested in it. He went to college and soon became a computer software engineer. But he didn't want to do normal business work. He instead used those skills to protect people, a hacker/vigilante. He was pretty good at it. The cops saw him as s threat as people saw him as a hero. He dated a  few people but something always kept him from gthem. Eventually he found a girl named Rocky who he now lives with and loves dearly.

Logan has a happy ending while I have a vbad one. I'll be honest. I wish I was Logan. I want to be Logan. I want to live a happy life that cares for me and wants me for who I am. But it will never happen. I have no friends at school. No one to rely on. It a just me In a broken family. I want my family back, but it will never come true. I will never have a future. But Logan will. That's why me and Logan are different. This is why I'm depressed guys. I want something that will never exist or happen to me. And that's ok. I don't mind being alone forever or losing everything. I don't have anything to lose anyways.
I'm going to update all of my OC's stories a bit. just click on their picture and read there backstory.