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Logan: um... guys.... help!

*couple of Bad guys had Logan chained upsise down and locked away. Why? Ask them yourselves if they don't shoot you.*

(Do what ever you have to do)
Computer: Arena cleaned. Systems are operational. Setting up situation.

Situation: Your Ship of 5,000 souls has found an unknown structure floating in space. To understand it's its function better, you have been deployed with a small group to investigate and grab any data to figure it out. When you land on it, there was no signs of life anywhere. Just your team. You enter the structure and take a look around. The doors close behind you and cannot open. You hear a few screaching sounds in there. Your team is not the only ones in there.

Mission: Find the control room, collect Data, find an exit, head back to the L. Z.

The space suit you have can withstand a lot of bullet shots before the armor breaks. You can vary any weapon, but all bullets are energy. No regular bullets aloud. You can carry anything you need as long as your not heavy. It has built in thrusters to help reach higher places and magnetic boots to run on walls. In your visor is a built in radar that detects any enemy near by, however, it is not relable if the enemy is sneaking.

Logan: *all ready* okay rookie. Let's see what you got.

Computer: Situation starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Start.

(Only a few rules. No powers on any kind. Also, you may have a bad was character, but they are not invincable, so they can all get hurt or even killed. Good luck)
Logan (W) trust and respects the girls more then the guys. When he was only 9, he and his brother ran away from home. They were both dying of starvation. However, at the age of 12 he found Leslie (who was 16. Logan (B) was 17. Tha ts is where his brother found his future wife) . She helped Logan out, giving him a home, food, and even getting him into a school. However when his father found out that Leslie and Logan (B) "did it" he kicked them out. Leslie and her sister Lucy (who was Logan (W) girlfriend before she died) went with them.

Most of the time, the ladies had helped him to get back on his feet. This was one of the few examples. So thank you ladies for saving him.

Logan (W) : *resting under the tree. He was trying to sleep*

(By the way Logan (W) is actually 22 and Logan (B) is 27. But depending on the RP determines their age.)
Did you know Logan can sing? Well he can. He doesn't sound bad at all. He's pretty good. He only sings when he is depressed, singing to someone he loves, or to his children (if he has any).

Logan is no hardcore guy, so he mostly sings softly. Most of them are Romantic, so are depressing, a few are for kids to reassure them that everything is ok.

Logan sits by himself. He felt a little better after spend time with someone. (Jenny. Bear3567's character. Go check her out!)

Logan: *closed his eyes as he sings to himself and outloud* 🎶How did you get so cold enough to chew my bones, it feels like i I don't know you anymore. I don't understand why your so cold to me, with every breathe you breathe, I see there's something going on. I don't understand why your so cold yeah.
(Woaw yeah) x3
I don't understand why your so cold.
(Waow yeah)x3
I don't understand why your so cold.🎶
Okay here are 3 things I'm going to say about RP's I do with people.

1. I will always respond back as soon as I get the message. If it takes me a while it's because I'm trying to finish something. I am always available and will always respond to an RP at any cost. I will give you a reason if I'm unable to. Other than that, I'm open for anything.

2. We don't have to keep it at a mature level. For example, if you wanna us cuss words, you can. Block them or not, what ever makes you comfortable. Also, any sex scenes I don't mind describing it in detail of what he does. We can just go for it on the sex scenes or we can skip them, or block out some parts but imply that they are doing it. I don't mind guys. I only care what you guys want as well. I don't judge any of you. I love all of you and don't mind any "sexual" content.

3. We can RP in the comments section or in notes for more privacy. Don't mind either way. So relax.

Other than that I'm cool with almost anything.
Logan always tells himself a few quotes that he lives up to.

Quote 1: There is really no such thing as a good guy or a bad guy. We are just people, and people are different. For all I know. I could be the bad guy to them as they could be the bad guy to me. So who is the real bad guy?

Quote 2: Revenge always brings out the evil in us. If we let our anger take control of us, then what's the point of fighting the enemy if we act just like them? Thats why I forgive you. No matter how bad it is. But remember that there will be consequences to your actions. One of them.... is death.

Quote 3: I don't fight to kill. I fight to protect everyone. Bad or good we are all the same. I only fight those who take lives of others. You attack the innocent, my friends, my family, or me, you better be ready for a fight. You kill them, and I will come for you and I will make sure they did not die in vain.

Quote 4: I don't believe I'm better than some people. I'm just a normal hedgehog trying to live a normal life. Even if you have a lot of money and power, that doesn't make you a better person, so why treat people bad if there is no point in doing So?

Quote 5: Love is so confusing. It can hurt at the same time as it feels really good. I wanna know how it feels like. So I will keep fighting for love until the day I die. That I promise.

There are more but I will update it at a later time.
Logan (B) and Logan (W) are both Brothers and both have the same name. Howe her I need a new name for Logan (B) since it's hard to tell which Logan I'm using. Plus it kinda sucks to have 2 of the same character. So what do I name Logan (B)?
So guys this is for all those who want to RP, like to RP with me, or just don't care, here is an idea.

So let's go into the future this time, where everything is mostly run by machine. And just because machines keep us safe, doesn't mean it's always successful. A group of terrorist know very well how to use technology and steal from people. Your OC was just framed for murder and now the police are after you. You are trying to find those responsible for framing you, but you will need help.

You can RP with any of my characters, just let me know which.
He has multiple abilities based on the RP's people have done with me. Now his main would he his "electrical" powers. A few others would be:

-time travel
-Speed (slower than sonic but pretty quick)
-Can us any weapon (as long as he saw it)
-Can turn super with enough energy
-steal other people's energy (an example would be like how you stay awake. He can steal the energy and make himself stronger and you weaker)
-Can become demonic if angry
-Can become an angle if he gets help. (Very hard to pull off)

This is all based off the stories we told so yes. Thats a lot.
Logan cares about all of you! Whether you realize it or not, he does. Depending on his mood will depend on how he shows it. If He loves you, he will show how much you mean to him in kisses and hugs. He feels sad when you all leave him, and he misses you. Think of him as a small dog with big eyes waiting for the owner to return. Logan waits there for you to return. If you never come back, he becomes depressed and misses you. Don't leave my hedge alone!

Logan was sitting there waiting for (Your OC) to come home. He was depressed since he hasn't seen (Your OC) for days. He felt Lonely and sad. His ears perk down and his eyes were filled with tears: Where are you my friend? I miss you. *The the rain continued to fall*

*this song plays while he waits for (Your OC)*
So today is his birthday and I thought that we all should show a little love by wishing him a happy birthday.


I think he is a really cool artist. So why not show that we care right? Go To his profile and wish him a happy birthday.
Logan loves kids. He is very good at taking care of them as well as relating to them. He always tells them stories on adventures he's been. To the kids, they see Logan as family. They always learn something from Logan. Jason (his nephew) wants to grow up to be like his uncle. But all Logan can say is this: "little buddy, I don't want you to grow up like me.... I want you to grow up to be better than me."

The parents dont like it when Logan is around since they see him as dangerous. After so many complaints, the judges and police warned that if they catch him with any kids that are not his own, they will sentence him to prison. The kids never saw Logan again after that. ;-;

Logan (W): *sitting under a tree rubbing  Jason's arm*

Jason: where are they uncle Logan?

Logan (W): they are not coming anymore. There parents won't let them anymore.

Jason: why do people do this too you?

Logan (W): because they all hate me. Nobody loves me Jason.

Jason: I still love you uncle Logan. *hugs him and cries on his chest*

Logan (W): thats why I'm still here, because of you. *hugs him back and cries as well*
Logan's actions  are mostly based off of previous experiences. Most are good and help him become a better person, but others can also distant him from his friends. For example, when he fights, he learns from the battle and uses techniques to help him. Another example would be the betrayal of his former friends. He is now no longer trust everyone.

In every RP I do with you guys, Logan always learns something. As long as you help him, he will become a better person in general.

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Logan can sometimes be sexually active if he finds a female attractive. If he trust the girl enough, he does it. There are 3 reasons he would do this.

1. (Good Reason) Love

Logan will love any girl if they accept him for who he is. At some point, they will reach a time where they both want each other. Logan is very caring and only goes when the Female says so. He doesn't hold back. He never uses protection when it comes to love. There is a good chance the girl will get pregnant.

2 (Neutral Reason) A Favor

Logan trust many of his friends and is willong to help, regardless if they are married or have boyfriend's. Logan does get nervous and is more cautious. Depending on the girl will determine if they use protection or not. He is more resistant yet good. A medium chance for them to get pregnant.

3. (Bad Reason) Attraction *Demon Form Only*

In his Demonic Form, Logan will do anyone he finds attractive. He uses some magic to get the girl to be horny. Then he comes in and offers a way to relax. He goes in hard and rough. The girls usually beg for more due to his powers in seducing them. He never uses protection. It is extremely low for them to get pregnant since Logan has most control over his body, if he ever did have a demonic kid, he would teach him how to be bad.

(RP if you want. Just put the number of which example, then start it)

Example of Reason 1.

Lucy (The Cat): I love you Logan. *kisses him as she slowly undressed her self.*

Logan also gets undressed and kisses her. They both get on the bed with each other. Logan rubs his clock against her pussy.

Logan (W): you ready?

Lucy nodded. Logan slowly pushed in and they both sighed. Logan started moving.

Logan (W): God you feel so good. *sighs*

Lucy moaned loudly and grabbed hold of him.

Example of Reason 2:

Leslie: Um.... logan.... can I ask you a favor....

Logan (W): sure. What can I help you with?

Leslie: can you have sex with me? Please.

Logan (W): *nervous* but... what about Logan (B)?

Leslie: he won't be home for another months from the army. Please Logan I really need it.

Logan (W): *Sighs* promise you won't tell him?

She nodded. They both go to the bedroom. Logan and Leslie kiss each other. Leslie quickly stripped naked and stripped Logan. She didn't want to wait. She laid back on the bed and purred.

Leslie: come here big boy~ *spreads her legs and rubs her pussy*

Logan wasted no time into climbing to her. He quickly put it in without second thought and trusted quickly.

Logan (W): Your so good! My brother is so lucky! *sighs*

Leslie moaned happily as they continued.

Example of a Reason 3:

A girl was sitting in the bar. She crossed her legs and had sudden urges. Demon Logan walks over to her.

Logan: hey. I see you need some help.

Female: How died yoI know?

Logan: because your acting weird.

Female: *sighs* yea. I just have these sudden urges. *looks at him* can you do me a favor?

Logan grinned.

30 minutes later.

Logan was ontop of the girl thrusting his cock into her.

Logan: I'm so close!

Female: Inside please!!

Logan came in her: well... I guess we are done?

Female: no... Please I want another. I want you inside me even more. Please!

Logan grinbed before thrusting harder.

And there you go.
If you RP with him as a female character long enough, he starts to fall for that character. He wants to go out with that character, show them that he loves them, marry them, (and yes) "sleep with them", and have kids. It gives him a happy feeling that he found happiness finally. And he remains loyal no matter what.

Reasons are because he never truly experienced love before, he was never loved, and because people hate him for being himself.

How can you tell: he flirts with the Female OC, calling her "beautiful" "Sexy" and "amazing", kisses her neck and cheek, giving her presents (mostly good ones), studering around her, (sometimes when the girl is sexy and flirts with him) flirting with her, giving signals that he wants her body (including touching parts of ther body).

Well there you go.
So recently I have been playing the game Mad Max. I really enjoy playing it. So I thought, why not do an RP similar to it. So here is the setting.

It takes place in the future where everything modern is gone. No plains, no trains, no boats, almost no water. You fight to survive, collect scrap to build and upgrade your car, join alliances if you can. The only weapons available are mostly melee weapons, shotguns, snipers, and rarely machine guns. Your enemy is mainly Lord hords, but there are others who can also contribute. And finaly food is anything edable. Bugs, rats, dog food, anything to keep you alive. Be careful who you trust in this wasteland.

(Also no powers work here at all)

Logan: *driving in his car through the wasteland. He sees an old base that seems abandoned. He stops his car and gets out. He takes the a part of the car so no one can start it up and heads to the base. He finds some scrap pieces that he could use later one. He sees a dead body with magots. He walks over to it and starts eating some.*

(Now it's your turn)
Okay guys. It's about time we do another RP with anyone who wishes to do so. Obvious I will use my OC Logan (W)

An update about Logan (W). He now no longer exist but exist. If you look at him he looks normal, but he was not "born" but created. He was chosen to defend Mobius by traveling through time and space to change history and save the world. So for you might see him along the way somewhere. No one has a memory about him except he seems familiar to him. Which means that Reji ( Iceythefish 's OC. Go check her out. Really nice art.) Has never met him and Fura does not exist, but he seems familiar. Blade and any of his friends and family (botsu1x 's OC's. Go check him out. Awesome literature. Way better than me) do not remember him, but seems familiar to him. Logan is doing his best to try and become friends with them and trying to get Reji back in his life, but he faces a difficult challange: he is trying to save the world at the same time as trying to remind his friends and family who he is.

His powers: Can conduct electricity, see in the future as well as time travel, can use his powers like a magnet to take anything metallic. Immune to anything metal (Swords, bullets, Etc.), Faster than the speed of sound when necessary, turn super anytime (with enough energy)

Anyways, other than that we can RP. Just comment here. If you don't want to then thats fine. You guys can pick any timeline, any setting, any conflict. (EX: Future, destroyed world, War with each other/ past, world war 1, frontlines/present, modern city, alien invasion/ Etc.) Hope to see you all soon.
Today is one of my friends birthday today. Please everyone go and visit RockyFiveTheHEdgehog and wish her a very happy birthday. Show her some love and make her today a really special birthday. Happy birthday RockyFiveTheHEdgehog I hope and pray that today is a good day for you.
Now I have been snooping around DevianArt for a while and I have heard so many people have so many problems with two things: Respect and Stealing. I'm hear to talk about them.


That is a word that many of us forgotten about. Many people post many unwanted comments toward someone's Art, personality, etc. I have a question: What good is it? Why is it good to be disrespectful to someone if it will never work. All they will do is block you and there. Done. Finished. It doesn't matter who the person is or what they do. They are still people like you and me. Some people are good at things and others are not. I can't even draw but I'm a better writer than most people. But that doesn't give the right to you to say things to others that makes them feel bad. News Flash! Nobody cares! So everyone, show respect to them. Just because they do something wrong, doesn't mean they are bad people. They are just different people with different beliefs. Deviant Art is a place for people to share their get creations to the world. It will look different, but it doesn't mean it's bad. The sooner we except the fact that everyone is different, the sooner we all can understand each other and get along.


Look, some people don't like there pictures getting taken by someone else and having a thief claim it was their Art. That's not fun if it was your Art. If the person tells you not to draw their OC's, or to copy a picture, or even to recolor them, you should listen and don't do it, even if you make a gift for someone. That's stealing guys. Your taking someone's stuff and putting it in your own art. Unless if they let you, don't do it. It's not worth getting your pictures removed or banned. Just consider what the owner wants and respect their decision. It doesn't matter on whether you like it or not. They choose what they want. Not you. If you don't believe me, hey. Don't say I didn't warn you.

If you all agree with me, share this to the world. You don't agree, it's up to you. I'm not gonna force you to listen.
So I decided to give it a try and draw my OC..... completely bombed it. It was extremely hard for me because my hands shake to much. I look up videos to see how I should get started on it and I keep messing up. Man drawing is hard. Everyone can draw, but that doesn't mean we are good at it. So I guess I'm going to stick with telling stories. If you guys have any tips, that would help, but it probably won't do me any good. I practiced for a long time, you have no idea how many pages I wasted. I never got better at it.

So in conclusion I will never draw again unless if I know how to. My hands move too much. Anyways guys, your welcome to draw my OC's anytime you feel like it and if you guys ever wanna roleplay, I'm here. So I'll see you all later.