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The two brothers were taken with the rest of the prisoners. There were a lot of people. A mix of every race. They were all locked up and obviously upset. In another room there were some prisoners being tortured and murdered brutally.

The cage stopped In front of a cell and the two brothers were forced insthe cages.

Logan (W): Hey! Easy!!

Logan (B): Watch it!

The guards closed the cage and locked it.

Logan (W): Well that's just great. Now what?

They both just looked around.

Logan (B): There is nothing we can do. These collar like things keep us from using our powers.

Logan: (W): So we are stuck?

Logan (B) nodded. They were practically stuck in the cell with no way to escape. The guards were heavily armed and the cell was build very well actually.

Logan (W): Well there is always the alternative. We can always walk out.

Logan (B): What do you- *realizes* you stole the keys didn't you?

Logan (W) held the keys in his hands with a grin.

Logan (B): You little thieving bastard.

Logan (W): Well I try.

They unlock the door and  slowly seek around. The prisoners we getting a little noisy since they wanted out as well.

Prisoner: hey let us out be-

Logan (B): *covers his mouth* Shut it or no one is getting out.

The prisoner nodded and the 2 hedgehogs carefully sneaked to the control tower. The guards my have better weapons, but they were not that smart neither. Logan (W) knocked on the door. As soon as the guard tried to open it, Logan (W) pushed the door in his face, knocking the guard out.

Logan (B): *Grabs the intercom* Attention everybody. I believe it is that time of day where everyone gets to have fun and hang out together. So please do not be shy and make friends everybody. *pushes the bottom and all the cells opened* trust me. Your life depends on your friends.

The entire prison riots and they take out the guards. The soldiers from outside attempt to take as many out as possible. But their were way to many prisoners and quickly overwhelmed them.

Athena: Idiots!!! Kill them already!!

The guards and soldiers started shooting and killing as many as possible. Athena walked her way to the center of the field. A moment later the two brothers start walking to the center as well.

Logan (W): So It's all or nothing?

Logan (B): Pretty much. *looks at Athena* Hey mom! Are you ready to give up yet!

Athena: Show your mother some respect and stop playing these games, or else I will have to punish you.

Both brothers get a fighting stance.

Athena: So be it then. *gets ready*

To be continued....

Well sorry this part took so long. I had too many things to do. But hey. Better late than never. Thank you all that support me. Till the next one. PEACE!!
Well here is the next part in my story. I hope you all enjoy.
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