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A month later.

Logan (W) Finally got out of tye hospital. Due to his injuries, he was forced to stay there. Now he can finally walk around again.

The 2 brothers went to see how everyone was doing. Leslie and Lucy were in the house waiting for them.

Logan (B): You know you don't have to leave. We can always have one more in the family.

Logan (W): If I could, I would. But this is your home. I still am looking for mine. *points at the house* there is your family. You have a wife, a little girl and one on the way. Not to mention your captain of your own fleet. You have a lot of things to take care of. I'm only adding to that list.

Logan (B): Look. I don't mind at all letting you stay. But if you really don't want to tha ts fine. But we are brothers. We take care of each other.

Logan (W): I know. But... I want my own family. I want my own home. I want to live in a world that except me for who I am. I really don't want to get in your way. Plus you know what will happen after a long time in the same world.

Logan (B): *sighs* well... I guess this is good bye then.

They both give each other a hug, then they back away from each other.

Logan (W): If mom comes back, let me know so we can go after her.

Logan (B): I will... good bye little bro. I hope things go we'll for you.

Logan (W): Yea... I hope so too. *holds out a chaos emerald and disappears.*

Logan (B) walks back home to his family. As soon as he opens the door he gets tackled to the ground.

Lucy: DADDY IS HOME!! *hugging him*

Leslie: okay. Give your dad some breathing room.

Lucy let's go and runs back inside. Logan then gets up and goes inside to see Leslie. She walks over and kisses Logan. He kisses her back.

Leslie: I missed you so much.

Logan (B): So did I. And I'm not leaving anymore. *pulls her close and kisses her. He rubs her stomach* I can't wait to meet him.

They both go inside. They finaly could rest in peace.


Logan (W) jumps out of the portal. He looks around. The area was sunny and very warm. The grass stood up tall and waved in the wind. It was a nice place.

In the distance there was a city full of different creatures (mostly Furries). Logan sighed to himself.

Logan (W): I wonder if they will except me this time. *takes a deep breathe* here I go. *walks right towards the city*


I hope you liked my stories. If you dont, too bad! Hope you guys have a good day, or nigh, or what ever. PEACE!!
Well we have to end this one here. I am going to start a different story. It will surly change all our RP's that we have created... literaly. So I hope you enjoy this part.
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