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The evil was finally defeated. The world is saved from destruction. Everything was returning to normal. Logan stood over the body. He successfully destroyed the bomb that was suppose to be buried in the future.

Ending 1

Logan looked at his hand as it slowly started to disappear. His body was fading away.

Logan: So this is the end then... *tears stream down his face* ... I'm never going to see my family again...

Logan looks down at the picture of Reji and Fura. He weeped softly. He kissed the picture once before his body faded away completely. He no longer existed. Nobody new him. Our hedgehog is finally gone forever.


Ending 2

A big bright light appeared and grew brighter until he couldn't see anything. When Logan woke up, he was under a tree. He rubbed his head feeling weak. The Squirrel stood infront of him.

???: you did it Logan. You saved the  world.

Logan: yea... I did. *sighs* now I lost everything.

The Squirrel look at him sadly.

???: I'm sorry Logan. But we didn't have a choice. I wish we did.

Logan saw that his picture had faded away. Tears stream down his face. The Squirrel just nodded to herself and disappeared. Logan kept crying for a long while until he felt someone tap on his shoulders. He heard a female voice.

???: Sit. Are you okay?

Logan just cried to himself.

???: Hey. *makes Logan look up at her* look, I'm not going to hurt you. Please. Tell me what's wrong?

Logan: Who are you?

???: My name is Rocky. What's yours?

Logan: My name is Logan.

Rocky: it's nice to meet you Logan. Please tell me what's wrong.

Logan nodded and told her what had happened. What he did and what he lost. Rocky listened to him and gave him a hug.

Rocky: I'm so sorry Logan.

Logan hugs her back: I'm all alone now. I have no family or friends anymore. *weeps*

Rocky: Well I can be your friend...

Logan looks up at her: really.

Rocky nodded. Logan hugged her, feeling better. This would be his first friend in his new life.

(Sorry if I wasn't aloud to use your OC)

So which one do you like guys?
I need help to decide which ending should I go with. You guys pick.

Sorry @ViCIBOX if you don't want your character in this ending. I won't put her in if you don't want me to. This is just an idea
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